TITLE The Stream, : Taxi or borrow someone cell phone
NAME jmson21
DATE 2017-10-19
Thank you for your question.
I do not know if there's a pay phone at the bus stop.
So the solution I think is ...
First, If you find a pay phone at the bus stop, please call 010-9172-1950
I will pick you up at the bus stop.
But if you don't find a pay phone, you can take a taxi.
There are many taxis right next to the bus stop.
Second, ask someone nearby to borrow someone's cell phone
Koreans will lend you well.

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We would like to walk a bit of the Blue Road. I wonder if we can drop off our luggage in the morning and then check-in later.

We are part of the few people who do not use cell phone.

Would there be a public phone around the bus station or the Hanaro market in Gangu we can use to call for pick-up?

or we could take a taxi?